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Wxlfman makes an audacious return on his brand new project, HUEMIN. Navigating through one of the most physically, emotionally, and spiritually taxing years for black people in recent history has allowed the New York-bred artist to produce his most direct and uninhibited body of work to date. While recent events may have informed the new EP, his signature style — polished, hard-hitting instrumentation that match his bar-heavy lyrics — is fully in tact.


HUEMIN encapsulates the past year in a way that ensures the EP’s themes and messages will maintain relevance for years to come. The duality of the project’s title — “Hue” representing color, and “Min” meaning minimal — is represented across five potent tracks. HUEMIN is analogous to Wxlfman’s perspective of how people of a darker hue have historically, and continue to face minimal treatment and receive minimal representation, which doesn’t equate to their overall impact/significance.


Written by: Kyle Sho


  • All tracks will be downloaded in high quality MP3 format.

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